Kinsella, Thomas

(1928- )
   Born in Inchicore, Dublin, he was educated in the Irish language. Leaving University College, Dublin, without graduating, he joined the Irish Civil Service, where he worked at both the Land Commission and the Department of Finance. As well as writing poetry, editing the works of other poets, and translating Gaelic poems into English, he continued his university studies. He left the civil service in 1965 to take a teaching position at the University of Southern Illinois, where he was professor of English from 1967 to 1970, then professor of English at Temple University, Philadelphia, from 1970 to 1990. Although he retired from teaching in 1990, he continued writing, published some twenty books of poetry, and founded his own publishing company, Peppercanister, in Dublin in 1972. Some of his more recent publications: Nightwalker and Other Poems, 1968. Notes from the Dead and Other Poems, 1973. One and Other Poems, 1979. St. Catherine's Clock, 1987. Poems From City Centre, 1990. Madonna and Other Poems, 1991. Some of his poems: "Anniversaries," "Faith," "Mirror in February," "Old Harry," "Settings," "Songs of the Psyche," "Westland Row."
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